Music Composition Workshop

Music Composition Workshop

Music Composition Workshop in The Hague

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Attend a music compostion workshop at Muziekschool Zuid57!

Learn everything about music composition in a small group of 4-6 people.

The Composition Workshop is for those who want to start creating their own music and for those who have already started but want to go deeper into it. The style doesn’t matter, it can be classical or pop, an instrumental piece or a song, the idea is to start creating from day one, composing directly on the instrument that the student is most familiar with. (For some in-class exercises, we will use the electric pianos, but it is not necessary to be a piano player; We will show you the basics so you can find your way.)

Using techniques of improvisation, knowledge of musical theory, form, chords, and analysis, the goal is to be able to finish these 16 classes with a song or instrumental piece written and recorded, ready to perform or upload to the web.

We will use two open source programmes, Musescore, for writing, and Audacity, for sound editing, that you can find for free on the Internet.

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This course will be given in English.


Composition workshops will start in the autumn and in spring. Click on the link below for for more information. You can register through the Volksuniversiteit Den Haag website.

Music composition workshop